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Authenticity in Business


This is one of my favorite topics to chat about when it comes to business - AUTHENTICITY.


So, what does it mean to have authenticity?

Being authentic means coming from a real place within. It is when our actions and words are aligned with our beliefs and values. It is being ourselves, not an imitation of what we think we should be or have been told we should be.

So many times, in business, it can be difficult to truly be authentic; however, if you can push through all the noise and share your true self with our audience, you will be on the winning end every time!

When I do business with local or online companies, I always look for authenticity. There might be a company that is selling their services or goods cheaply, but for me, if they are not real, transparent, and authentic, I won't use them. 

I have been blessed enough to be acquainted with Kat Chrysostom. She is someone that oozes authenticity! I met Kat years ago, and we became fast friends. Our love for horses and business, along with many other commonalities, made it a beautiful and fruitful friendship. 

Kat is the owner and founder of an amazing company,  Benefab. She is also an author, and now a podcast host. Her life story is one of persistence and overcoming adversity. She shares more about her story in her book,  Broken to Branded, which I was blessed to contribute to as well. 

She asked me recently to be a guest on her new podcast, Parables - Life Lessons From a Horse, and can you guess what the topic might be for this episode?

You guessed correctly - AUTHENTICITY!

Take a moment and listen in today!

Her podcast episodes are short and concise so you can listen in on your commute or while you are getting ready for work in the morning. #EasyPeasy

Once you listen, if you love it, as I know you will, support a fellow small business owner, by giving her 5 stars on iTunes!

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