Linked In Training Guide

How would it feel to have a steady stream of new leads?

Create that extra income you deserve with this 17 page workbook!

So, What’s the Big Deal about LinkedIn?

467 million LinkedIn users + 2 new members join LinkedIn every second, 40% of users check their LinkedIn daily.

83% of LinkedIn users don’t use Pinterest + 59% of LInkedIn users don’t use Twitter. LinkedIn users won’t just visit your website, they’re more likely to convert to leads.

Follow these 8 Simple Steps in this Comprehensive Guide to Become an Expert on LinkedIn.

Step 1: Set Up Your Account
Step 2: Optimize Your Profile for Search
Step 3: Find and Connect with Your Ideal Clients
Step 4: Find, Join and Participate in Relevant Groups
Step 5: Create Your Own LinkedIn Group
Step 6: Share Valuable Content
Step 7: Publish on LinkedIn Pulse
Step 8: Promote Your Best Products and Programs


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