Being Authentic on Social Media

Being Authentic on Social Media

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Personality on Social Media.

There’s so much more to life than working, don’t you agree? So if you do nothing but post about your business and become a pushy salesperson, you’re not doing yourself justice and your followers will soon get bored and abandon you.

Instead, show them what a well-rounded life you lead and pique their interest with other lifestyle-type photos and posts.

Sharing a sneak peek into your life is just one way to develop a relationship where your audience will get to know, like, and trust you. These photos and funny stories will make you appear more approachable so your followers won’t hesitate to send you a message to ask questions about your products.

Here are just a few fun ways to lighten up the mood on your socials and increase engagement with your followers:

Share Your Humor

Did your horse or dog do something funny at the barn this week? Feel free to share it.

Did you have a funny conversation with your barn bestie? Share it.

{check out my Instagram to see what type of content I share with my audience}

Everybody needs a little pick me up during the day and laughing also releases stress.

What are Your Weekend Plans?

Do you have a favorite hangout on Friday nights besides the wash rack prepping your horse for the weekend show? Or do your Saturday mornings find you at your local Starbucks before show ring prep? 

Supporting your favorite local charity by attending their running race or handwriting Christmas cards? I guarantee you’ll get your audience chatting with you, and you’ll bring awareness to your favorite charity or something else fun and interesting. (don’t forget to tag others on social for even more reach!)

Love to Travel?

Share Your Favorite Tips and Locations

Do you find yourself traveling to horse shows, expos, and other events? Whether you travel for business or strictly for pleasure, sharing the notes of your favorite locations will help others as they plan for their travel. These posts are also great for starting conversations about horse show goals, experiences, and other horse-related chatter.  Even if your customers don’t travel, they can still live vicariously through you! I have had many people tell me they LOVE it when I post as I travel.

Share Your Lunchtime View

I always hear, “no one wants to see what I had for lunch.”  I beg to differ! One of my all-time most impactful posts (that made me the most money) was a picture of me at a coffee shop.  Almost everyone enjoys leaving the office for coffee or lunch, or maybe grabbing lunch in the observation room at your barn, so why not settle in and share your view on social.

Your view can stir up fun conversations even if you’re stuck inside during bad weather. You never know where you will find common ground with your audience! I once posted about how I like to eat my pop tarts, and you can’t believe the number of comments!

Show Them Your Favorite Hobbies

How do you relax after a long day? What pulls at your heartstrings and motivates you to push through your workload to enjoy your free time? Hobbies are a wonderful way to engage people in your posts. Show pictures of your barn and four-legged friends, or simply share how you got started in the horse world. If you are like me, you may share pictures of your crazy hens too! #crazychickenlady

These are just a few ideas of what to share online that still conveys you’re a real person in real life. These lists are unlimited in length because you are so uniquely different from every other person in the world. Showcase what makes you YOU; show us your talents outside your work. Sharing these glimpses into your personality and your life will attract your audience.


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Being Authentic on Social Media

Being Authentic on Social Media

Sharing a sneak peek into your life is just one way to develop a relationship where your audience will get to know, like, and trust you.

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