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Terms & Conditions

Services to Be Provided:

Provided services are outlined on each individual service page and Yellow Barn Media (YBM) will perform the tasks as outlined on that Service page.

For custom projects, or on-going monthly services, your project details will be outlined in your Proposal and Contract.

Payment for Services:

The client will pay compensation to Yellow Barn Media for the services based on the fees shown on the Service page, and/or agreed upon between YBM and the Client. Payment is required before services are rendered and recurring monthly payments will be due on the same day of each month on the same date as service begins (ex: start date of March 12th and each month thereafter invoice will be due no later than the 12th).

There will be no refunds for work completed.

The client will be invoiced through Dubsado, using your credit or debit card. Other payment options can be accepted upon agreement between the Client & Service Provider.

If the Client decides to discontinue service with Yellow Barn Media, a written notice is required 30 days prior to cancellation. All services and invoicing will continue as agreed upon during that timeframe.


The Service Provider, Jamie Samples & Yellow Barn Media Marketing Team, agrees to not share any confidential or proprietary information about Client. Please note that success on Social Media varies from account to account, and no one service can ensure a prescribed measurable success on any platform.

Copyright Compliance:

The Client certifies that all materials provided, including but not limited to photographs, logos, branding materials, copy, and any other materials provided for the YBM to render all services belongs to the client and are not subject to any form of copyright infringement. The Client hereby releases Yellow Barn Media of liability for any copyright infringement on images solely provided by the Client.

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