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Email Marketing

What would you do if Facebook and Instagram disappeared tomorrow? All that time and effort you have spent to build followers is just gone never to be seen again.

That would be pretty devastating wouldn’t it?

What is one foundational thing you can do to provide insurance in the case that something like that ever happens?

Yes, you guessed it – email marketing!

Contrary to what some may say, email is NOT dead. When you spend time building your email list, you are basically building YOUR book of potential business.

Email marketing done right can completely transform your business.

Now, you may be saying, “but Jamie I don’t even like receiving emails myself, I just get too many or I unsubscribe from so many emails each week”.

OK, valid point; however, I might ask you if you’ve ever opened a remarkable email that kept your attention?

An email that had a subject line that caught your attention, and made you stop what you are doing to open it. It evoked emotion – maybe laughter, generosity, confidence, or compassion. Once you started reading it almost felt like a novel that you could not put down.

If you have not, that’s because the marketers on the other side of those emails are so focused on selling you something they forget that there is a regular person on the other side of that email.

A person that has 107 things on their to-do list, running all over town, taking care of their friends and families, and honestly a person that does not care about your bottom line. #letsbereal

But what happens when your business knows the secret behind email marketing? When you start sending emails that are exciting, concise, full of value, and, yes, of course, provide an opportunity to buy from you.

Those busy people, who are looking for a place to take a deep breath and escape, stop and read what you sent. They feel a connection to you and your brand.

Also, do you know what makes people feel good?

Finding a solution to a problem, buying a new product, finding the perfect gift for a friend, or discovering a new way to build their business. Those are all the ways they will start spending money with you and your business. #cuethehappydance

And this is where people say to me, “ok, Jamie that all sounds great but I am not a writer, or I am just not that creative”. That’s okay!

We ooze creativity and are highly skilled at writing powerful content. And, if I can be honest, out of all the marketing options available to a business, email is my favorite.

You may be sending a once-a-month email, or need email automations written for your line of products or services. We can create your emails from scratch or work with you to develop ideas and strategies for a robust campaign. Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Sound like the perfect plan for you?

We’ve got your back! Let’s connect with a free discovery call, get to know each other, and get cracking with your custom plan today!

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